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Washer Screening 

After submitting your required documents and information, you will be asked to participate in a 20 minute phone interview followed by a in person meet-up at your residence to verify your machines.  

Loopie, LLC is a Seattle Based Technology start-up that aspires to change the way people think when it comes to doing their laundry. By creating an extensive network of washers and drivers, Loopie has established itself as the single largest operating peer-to-peer laundry App in the country. For more information on Loopie, or to apply to be a loopie washer: www.loopielaundry.com To try our services as an early adopter: www.loopie.us 

Interested in applying to become a certified Loopie Washer? Send us your name, address and the other minimum requirements (below) to loopielaundry@gmail.com 

-No minimum work requirements

-Flexible hours 

-Free training courses & materials 

-Paid training test order 

-Referral Program 

-Free Loopie laundry materials (i.e. Reusable Nylon Loopie Laundry Bag) 

-Free delivery and pick up from your residence 

-Lifetime membership 

-30 percent discount on all Loopie services 

-Relevant work experience with a Seattle tech start-up, career paths available for easy transitions to Loopie Staff positions. 

Our Advantages

competitive pay from the comfort of home 


Upon completing our training program, and and E-signing our Washer Agreement, Loopie Washer candidates must pass a Loopie test order before officially receiving their first paid customer order. 

Flexible hours &

easy to sign up 

Minimum Requirements 

- Be at least 18 years of age and authorized to work in the U.S 
-Have at least one year of experience doing laundry for yourself or others 
-Own or have exclusive access to a Washer and Dryer in your residence

Featured Services & Rewards for Certified Loopie Contractors