What is Loopie?
Loopie, LLC seeks to provide innovative ways to solve one of the worlds most neglected day to
day problems; dirty laundry. By providing modern mobile solutions, and connecting people who
need their laundry done with those who are looking to make passive income from home, Loopie
aspires to provide consumers with services, save time and clean clothes simultaneously. Beta
launch for Loopie, LLC. is scheduled for the greater Seattle area starting July 1st. For more
How it works:
You use our app to schedule your Laundry to be picked up from your door. (We give first time
customers a complimentary 22 x 32 inch nylon reusable Loopie laundry bag) We send a Loopie
driver to pick it up and drop it off at a certified Loopie Washer's house, or one of our partner
laundromats. Once finished the washer uses our mobile app to notify a driver to retrieve your
clothes and return them freshly cleaned, and folded to your doorstep.

Do you pick-up and deliver? How much is it?
Yes! We only offer pick-up and delivery service. Our Wash and Fold Service is a flat rate of
29.99 per bag for the greater Seattle area. Doesn’t matter how heavy it is, just as long as the
drawstring can close, we’ll wash dry and fold!
Do I have to be home when you pick up or deliver my clothes?
No, you can and should be doing whatever you’d like! Just make sure to remember, when
scheduling the service, to provide clear instructions indicating where we can find your clothes
and drop them off.
Please ensure that you have a secure space to leave your clothes that won’t get rained on
before or after pick up / delivery. If you live in an apartment or condo complex, you can leave the
clothes with the front desk attendant if they have one, or outside your door. If your building
requires a code to enter, please inform us at the time of placing the order.
If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your laundry, that’s fine too- just schedule pick up for a time
that you know you’ll be home and we will pick up from you in person.
Do you fold or hang my clothes?
Unfortunately for the moment we are are unable to take special requests. Everything we wash
and fold we do with precision and attention to detail.
Do you separate whites from colors?
No, but we make sure everything is washed on optimal settings to yield the best possible
results. That being said, please don’t include something you know will be problematic with your
favorite dress. You probably shouldn’t have us wash your favorite dress, either for that matter.
We recommend, if you are interested in separate loads for whites and colors to simply order two
bags, filling one with all of your whites and the other with all of your colors.

Where do you operate?
We currently offer our services to the Greater Seattle area including but not limited to the Capitol
Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Ballard, University District, and South Lake
Union neighborhoods of Seattle. As well as Greenlake. If you are unsure of if we can deliver to
you download the app and enter your zipcode, or email us at and we
will do our best to accommodate your needs!Type your paragraph here.

The Concept
Loopie Laundry is a peer-to-peer laundry service that uses
underemployed individuals with washers and dryers to do laundry
for others. The service includes washing, drying and folding.
Loopie picks up the dirty laundry and returns it within 24 hours.
For an extra fee, there is same day service.
Our targeted customers are young professionals who would
prefer to spend their free time on other things, and can afford to
pay for the ease of getting someone to pick up and do their
laundry. But there are other potential customers, such as people
living in senior housing and working couples with children.
Loopie tries to make the system efficient by having washers in the
same neighborhood as its customers. This can work especially
well in urban areas where customers tend to live in high-density
areas. Loopy has separate teams for washing and driving.
Washers never have to leave their home.
Loopie currently charges $29.99 for one bag of laundry, and pays
its certified washers $15.00.
Who would use Loopie to do their laundry?
Emma Johnson wrote an article in the Huffington Post entitled
“You are stupid if you do your own laundry.”1 She argues that from
a time management standpoint, as well as a quality of life issue, it
makes better sense to pay someone to do your laundry, even if it
will cost you more.
1 Emma Johnson, “You are stupid if you do your own laundry,” Huffington Post.

More and more, people lead busy lives that make them loathe to
spend hours on a weekend doing their laundry. A single person
who works all week does not want to devote a Saturday to doing
laundry. Even for couples, having someone else do the laundry
relieves the stress of deciding who’s turn it is to do the laundry.
People are already having others do their laundry. Every
laundromat now offers a laundry service. Laundromats generally
charge per pound, with prices ranging from $1.25 to $1.75 per
pound. For one bag of laundry, the cost would be approximately
$15 to $17. However, in most cases, this requires customers to
take their laundry to the laundromat, and pick it up after it is done.
In addition, many laundromats will take up to 48 hours to do the
The $29.99 price is not too high. People are already accustomed
to paying similar prices for personal services. For example,
having your dog walked for an hour costs $30 on WAG!, the dog
walking service. Laundry service is a once-a-week or once every
two week expense.
Why would anyone want to be a Loopie washer?
Loopie pays its certified washers $15 for each 32” x 22” bag of
laundry. The contents of one bag can fit into most washers,
although some bags will require two loads. At that price, it is
profitable for people to do laundry, an activity that requires very
little active time.
In the U.S., 85 percent of households own a washer and dryer.2
Although statistics on usage are difficult to obtain, it is safe to
conclude that most home washers and dryers are under-utilized.
Many stay-at-home parents may not want to be an Uber driver
because (1) they are unable to leave their homes due to childcare
responsibilities and (2) they may have safety concerns about
picking up strangers, but they may feel a need to make additional

income to supplement their spouse’s income. Working with
Loopie, these washers never have to leave their homes.
2 U.S. Census Bureau Daily, “Daily Feature: Washing Machines.” October 26,

feature-for-october-26-washing-mac hines-300343533.html

The expenses of running a washing machine are minimal.
Electricity costs for a washer, per load, range from 32 to 85 cents.
3 The cost of running a dryer ranges from 46 to 50 cents per load.
A 100 ounce bottle of Tide detergent cost $11.97 and can do 64
, meaning that each load will cost 18 cents. Water costs can
range from 12 to 86 cents per load.5 The total cost will range from
$1.08 to $2.39 per load, not including wear and tear. However, the
cost of running a washing machine is nothing like the cost of
operating a car for Uber. Whereas your car is a significant
monetary asset, the cost of a washer and dryer are significantly
less. More importantly, while many Uber drivers see their profit
wiped out by a minor fender bender, you are unlikely to get into an
accident or get a speeding ticket while doing your laundry.
In addition, Loopie makes deals with laundromats to handle
overflow laundry when demand outstrips the number of available
Loopie plans to hire drivers to pick up and deliver the laundry.
Although other methods, such as the use of Uber and Lyft drivers,
were considered, it seems that dedicated driver who is familiar
with the locations of the customers and washers would provide
the most efficient delivery system. Because the drivers would be
Loopie employees on salary, they could make the deliveries more
inexpensively than on a per customer basis.
Transaction Financials

We are paying Loopie washers $15 per bag of laundry, and
charging customers $29.95. We are anticipating that delivery and
pick up charges will ultimately be around $6 per customer, leaving
roughy $9 for administration and profit.
The Unknowns
The biggest questions are: (1) How many people are willing to
pay to get their laundry done and (2) How much are they willing to
3 Saving Electricity, “What does it cost to run a washing machine.” January 2016.

4 Walmart.
Detergent-64-Loads-100-Oz/19406216 5 Clearly Energy. “What is the cost of a

load of laundry in the U.S.?”

Progress to Date
Loopie has made significant strides since its conception in February 2018:
Developed fully functional website where customers can place orders and track
the progress of their orders.
Developed back-end administrative website to track incoming orders and monitor
progress of orders. System also maintains history of customer orders by name
and date.
Developed smart phone application for iPhone and Android devices which allow
customers to place orders and purchase items. Both applications published to
App Store and ready for downloading.
Incorporated in Washington state as LLC, registered to do business in
Washington state and the City of Seattle.
We have signed contracts with a few washers. We are in the process of finding
more Loopie washers.