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Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to the Loopie team! As a certified Loopie washer, you’ll be able to make money at home with your washer and dryer. This letter provides you with a few simple instructions on how to get started. Attached to this email are three documents, the Loopie Washer Guidelines, the Loopie Independent Contractor Agreement and the IRS Form W-9. The Independent Contractor Agreement is a contract between you and Loopie, and must be signed before you can start. You can sign it electronically, and send the document back to us with your name and signature. If you prefer, you can print out a hard copy, sign it and mail or deliver the signed contract to us. The IRS Form W-9 must also be completed and signed, and returned to us. If you are printing out the form, you only have to print the first page of this document. The Washer Guidelines explain how to get started, and contains a short how-to guide for Loopie washers. Remember, Loopie launches on July 1 in Seattle, and we expect business to start slowly. Once it catches on, the idea is that there will be enough work to go around. Call or email us if you have any questions! We’re here to help you! www.loopielaundry.com