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Loopie pays a flat fee of $15 per bag

Washers are paid based on the number of bags of laundry that they wash, dry and fold. A bag is 32 inches by 22 inches, and contains 5 to 15 pounds of laundry. The current price for one bag of laundry washed, dried and folded is a flat fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00). Loopie will pay you on a weekly basis, and the payment will be electronically deposited into your bank account.

Once you’re signed up as a certified Loopie washer

Let us know through Slack when you are available to do laundry. Tell us when you’re available and how many loads you can do. We’ll send you an invitation to the Washer’s channel on Slack. You can download the Slack App on your smart phone or computer

No need to have a car

Loopie will deliver the bag of dirty laundry to your door. When you’re done, Loopie sends someone to pick it up from your house.

Wash, dry and fold

The laundry should be washed in a washing machine previously approved by Loopie, using unscented Tide laundry detergent, and dried in a Loopie-approved dryer. The folded laundry will be placed inside an approved package, which will be placed inside the laundry bag that the clothes came in.

About the folding

The clothes must be folded according to Loopie standards. These videos will help you if you have any questions about how to fold the following items: dress shirts, hoodies, socks, jeans, T-shirts (except that we generally want the shirt folded in threes for a cleaner look), towels, and fitted sheets . Need more help? A Loopie trainer can come to your house and answer your questions and show you how items should be folded.

All items inside one bag can be washed together

You don’t have to separate the white or light colored items from the colored items. However, if the bag is full, you may have to do two loads of laundry for one bag,

depending on the size of your washer. Even if two loads have to be done for one bag of laundry, the payment remains $15.00.

When there is more than one bag

If you receive more than one bag of laundry at a time, the laundry must be kept separate, and cannot be washed or dried together, in order to avoid the confusion of which item belongs to which customer. If there are two or more bags from the same customer, those bags should still be washed separately because the customer may have deliberately separated his laundry to avoid color transference.

Time is important!

Laundry should generally be completed within three hours of receiving the dirty laundry. Multiple bags will mean more time for completion, and washers will be notified if a particular bag needs to be completed earlier.

When you are done

Notify Loopie when you are done with the laundry by email or text message. Loopie will send someone over to pick up the clean laundry from you.

You are responsible for your own business expenses

Loopie does not supply the detergent or other materials that you might need to operate your washing machine and dryer. You are responsible for the cost of the laundry detergent, electricity and water. You are also responsible for maintaining your washer and dryer, and any repair costs that may arise.

We want to be the best we can be

Customers will use Loopie only if they are satisfied with the service they receive. Use your judgment, and err on the side of being careful. Ask Loopie if you have questions! Be the best that you can be, because customers will be able to rate their experience.

A few simple rules

Don’t attempt to communicate with the owner of the laundry. Let Loopie know if there is a problem. Don’t take pictures of any of the laundry, especially for display on social media. We don’t want to embarrass the customer.

These guidelines are not meant to supercede the provisions of the Loopie Independent Contractor agreement, and where they conflict, the Agreement will control.