Our Key Service Benefits:

  • A great alternative to other App based gigs, that require you to be outside of your home, and away from your family. With Loopie, earn a passive income from the comfort of your home, while watching Netflix with your kids. 
  • Work on your time, with a push of a button.

  • No minimum hours or order requirements

About Loopie

Our Staff & Contractors make up a great and diverse set of backgrounds ranging from college students, to single parents, to under-employed creatives. Anyone is welcome to join our community, no professional laundry experience required. Help us allow our customers to do what they love instead of their laundry all while enabling yourself to continue working on your passions, or being with your family while making extra income from home. 

Loopie, LLC seeks to provide innovative ways to solve one of the worlds most neglected day to day problems; dirty laundry. By providing modern mobile solutions, and connecting people who need their laundry done with those who are looking to make passive income from home, Loopie aspires to provide consumers with services, save time and clean clothes simultaneously.

How it works: Customers use our app to schedule their laundry to be picked up from your door. (We give first time customers a complimentary 22 x 32 inch nylon reusable Loopie laundry bag) We send a Loopie driver to pick it up and drop it off at a certified Loopie Washer's house, or one of our partner laundromats. Once finished the washer notifies a driver to retrieve the order and return the freshly cleaned, and folded clothes to the customer's doorstep.

Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy as a Loopie Contractor Include:

 -No minimum work requirements
-Flexible hours 
-Free training courses & materials 
-Paid training test order 
-Referral Program 
-Free Loopie laundry materials (i.e. Reusable Nylon Loopie Laundry Bag) 
-Free delivery and pick up from your residence 
-Lifetime membership 
-30 percent discount on all Loopie services 
-Relevant work experience with a Seattle tech start-up, career paths available for easy transitions to Loopie Staff positions. 

About Our Community